My Story

Several years ago I was displaced from my career due to a company reorganization.  I found myself shocked, confused, and concerned about my future.  I had spent 15 years working for Fortune 500 companies progressing my career each time but now I was faced with my biggest obstacle.

With all the experience I had, I thought finding my next career would happen quickly, however as time went on, I found myself applying to many jobs without much success.  Finally,  I turned to a career consulting agency for guidance on how to get in front of more hiring managers, I knew that if I could only get some opportunities that I could land my next career. The experience was extremely valuable and I was able to land in a new career within a few short weeks.


Since my experience with the career consulting firm, I've used the knowledge along with my experience in management, recruiting, and career coaching to help others find jobs, transition careers, and get promoted. 

My commitment is to support you in your next career search whether it is your first job or you are transitioning to a new one.